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Gold F.A.Q.

1| Isn't Karatbars another scam?

Not at all! People are making great savings and earning their incomes with Karatbars in an honest way. The Karatbars system delivers the physical gold, incomes and commissions as promised within its superbly programmed parameters. If some people's input and strategy in the affiliate program are way under par to achieve the profits they wished, one musn't fault Karatbars to be a scam.

2| Is Karatbars a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a connotation to businesses where the top few are making all the money at the cost of the bottom majority. If that's the definition then Karatbars is not a pyramid scheme, because many folks in the downline are known to make more money than their upline. The income and commissions are not based on your top or bottom position in the group but soley rely on each person's productivity. Here are two curious videos that explain it well:

3| Who says money is losing its value?

The inflated currencies in our economy show the evidence that paper money (or electronic money & coins) is losing its value. Did you know that the same amount of gold that could purchase a car valued at over $800 in the 1930's can still purchase a car worth 30,000 today! But you'll need 37.5 times more money to buy a car today than you did in the 30's.

4| Isn't the value of Gold as a commodity also going down?

The value of Gold has been fluctuating of late, and that is known to be controlled artificially by the Fed. But it is a fact that we now live in a 'precious metals cycle' when measured according to the recurring patterns of 'wealth cycles'. if you measured the value of Gold over a period of 15 years or more, then you'll see that although it seems fluctuating, there is indeed an impressive exponential growth curve for gold. This proves that we are indeed in a precious metals boom era. Hence the manipulation to keep gold under-valued for the moment. But it is only a matter of time before gold achieves its real worth in a hyper-inflated economy, which is inevitable because the Fed is dependant on gold's real value to be able to balance the national budget. Watch this video that has more details:

5| Why should I buy gold when it is falling in price. Hasn’t it lost almost 30% a few years back (2013)?

It is a huge mistake to view gold as an investment like stocks and bonds. Gold is as good as currency now as it has always been in history. It is a means for investment and not an investment per say. Investments pay either interest or dividends. Gold is money just as surely as the paper currency in your wallet. Do you obtain paper money with the hope of receiving interest or a dividend? No, and neither should you obtain gold as an investment. For six thousand years, gold has been insuring and protecting wealth against the inevitable demise of all fiat currencies. That is why you by gold, whether or not it is falling in price at any current time.

6| What if Karatbars were to close down?

In the unlikely event that Karatbars International does close down, as sad as we'd all be but there is nothing to worry about concerning your commissions or your gold. As long as the business is ongoing, you have access to all your money that you've earned via the eWallet system that you may transfer at all times to your personal accounts or through your pre-paid MasterCard. As for the gold, if it is in storage, then it is safe in an independant institution, a society called Prosegur in Neu-Isenburg in Germany and not in the Karatbars factory. One strategy for security recommended by certain affiliates is to have certain stocks of gold purchases (i.e. when 5 purchases of 5 gram bars are reached) to be delivered directly to one's home. Much expenses on delivery prices are saved this way.

7| If an affiliate decides to quit any point in time, can he/she redeem their investment? If so, how and how much of his investment can he get back?

He/she can sell their gold (the 1 gram a week) at the buyback rate at any time whether it's 6 months or 3 years later, etc. As for the investment portion of his package, which also contains gold in grams for personal use, he can also recover the investment by cashing in as in selling it back to Karatbars in Germany. The beauty of investing in Karatbars is that you are merely exchanging your cash for gold that can be sold back to redeem the cash at the buy back price at any time. When doing a purchase plan of 1 gram a week or 4 grams a month it's always good to store it with the company so that if you need to cash in, it can be sold straight away and the funds will be put on your debit card in 24 hrs…

8| Can this business be passed over to the member's appointed beneficiary in the event of the affiliate's demise?

Yes, it can....

Karatbars Affiliate System

9| Can I earn as an affiliate without purchasing any gold or packages?

Yes, of course! You may join as a free affiliate member with customers below you that purchase gold from Karatbars, for which you will earn the unilevel bonus commissions. However, by not purchasing a package you will be missing out on the dual system commissions that are unlocked thereby.

10| Do I need to make a monthly payment to remain active and earn with Karatbars?

Not at all! Unlike in MLM companies, at Karatbars there are no recurring charges placed on you as condition to earn from the compensation plan. If you bought a package to unlock the additional bonus, then it was a one-time payment for a life-time benefit. However, most of the affiliates at Karatbars purchase gold every month since one of the purposes of affiliating with Karatbars is to create a savings with physical gold bars that secure their finances. Hence, the sooner one begins saving, the more gold one will possess.

11| How are my commissions paid to me?

You may choose to use the pre-paid Karatbars MasterCard® (debit card) to load your unlimited amounts of commission or you may choose to use the eWallet system to transfer your commissions to your personal credit card, debit card, bank account or other withdrawal options.

The moment you make a commission of $35.00 you will be sent your Karatbars MasterCard®, which you may use anywhere the MasterCard is accepted.

12| How does the Karatbars system help my business grow?

You will find these great services and benefits at Karatbars:
❋ Your upline's affiliates are placed below you automatically. This means you too will earn through their activities.
❋ You get free online training through 2 daily webinars. USA: Daily 12 Noon Eastern & 9 PM Eastern
❋ You'll get free support and assistance from your upline through contact and instructions. You may use any form of communication to reach out to them (Email, Skype, live chat, 3 way call, etc.)
❋ Your own affiliates activities will benefit you directly through commissions.
❋ You are provided with 3 free websites that you may promote with (landing page with referral opt in form, Karatbars shop page and your affiliate link for referral registration).

There is an optional marketing system that is newly offered at Karatbars back office for ca. $29.90 monthly subscription. This is not obligatory but a valued service that is optional. The key features of this service are:
❋ High Converting Capture Pages
❋ High Converting Custom Videos
❋ Assign Placement with 'Holding Tank' Feature
❋ Simple to use and takes only seconds to set up
❋ Cutting edge Autoresponder Campaign
❋ System highly effective for offline traffic as well
❋ Highest E-mail deliverability (Comparable to AWeber)
❋ Compelling autoresponder campaign gets your prospects to take action
❋ Custom E-mail templates
❋ Complete Training; Webinars, Tutorials

The 12-week Plan to Financial Freedom

How many levels down must the member's 2 downlines continue to recruit before the member can achieve his $4485 weekly income? (Note: Assuming the member's 2 recruits also take up the Bronze package, recruit 2 and invest $65 each every week for the whole 12 weeks and everyone below them also does the same)

If you watch the video closely, it indicates in theory that each month, you sign up two new members for a period of 12 weeks. So that means, if this is done according to a perfect plan, then it will be 12 levels deep, with each new member bringing in two new referrals.


Fully addressing your financial goals requires a multi-dimensional approach. Rebuilding Credit 101 provides a broad set of services ranging from credit consulting to retirement planning. We help you grow by understanding your unique situation.

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